Nabab de Reve  Quidam de Revel  Jalisco B 
Melodie en Fa  Artichaut 
Excellentia de Muze  For Pleasure  Furioso II 
Narcotique de Muze II  Darco 
Qerly Chin 
born 12/02/2009  |  gelding  |  bay  |  studbook: BWP

General info

  "Jadalco" (Jadalco van 't Kruishoeve) is a very eager and scopy gelding born in 2009 and bred by Nabab de Reve x For pleasure. As a young horse he participated in the stallion provings of the KWPN in The Netherlands and he made it into the second round. As a lot of descendants from Nabab de Reve "Jadalco" had a very good character and a good jumping technique. He is blessed with very good jumping DNA as his father and 3 out of 4 grandparents jumped at 1.60 level. "Jadalco" is owned by BuRibbons LLC and is trained by Andrew.


  Molly Peddicord is riding "Jadalco" in the low/medium amature classes and Andrew is riding him in the 7-year old classis at international level. Due to his good character and scoop "Jadalco" is a very consistent horse with a lot of clear rounds. He has a very promising future ahead.




Jadalco - Sacramento 2016 - Welcome 1.35
"Jadalco" - Lexington - 7 years old
"Jadalco" - Lexington - 7 years old
"Jadalco" - WEF 2016 - Final 7 years old

News messages

"Jadalco" victorious in High A/O speed (13-05-2018)
"Jadalco" & Bolfo Jump Clear in Maiden CSI** Event (31-03-2018)
Andrew Ramsay and Jadalco jumping to the win in the 1.40m at the Sacramento International Welcome Week (04-10-2016)
Spruce Meadows Continental (20-06-2016)
Prizes for SHALANNO Horses (20-05-2016)
George H. Morris and Andrew Ramsay on Equestrian Coach (24-03-2016)