Golden Dream  Zirocco Blue  Mr. Blue 
Licorne des Forets 
Uthalina - M  Julio Mariner 
Nathalina - M 
Julia des Brumes  Libero H  Landgraf I 
Facelia des Brumes  Thurin 
Nuance du Louvier 
born 08/05/2017  |  mare  |  chestnut  |  studbook: KWPN

General info

 "Moneypenny" is born May 8, 2017. The chestnut mare is a descendant of Golden Dream and "Julia des Brumes" (Libero H x Thurin). Golden Dream (Zirocco Blue x Julio Mariner xx) is a stallion born in 2011 in The Netherlands and showed his qualities during the stallion test and young horse classes in The Netherlands. He showed the strenght and power from his father Zirocco Blue and the blood and souplesse from Julio Mariner xx. His quality was reconized by an American rider who bought the stallion in 2017 and brought him to the USA.
"Moneypenny" is an extremely friendly and curious mare that loves human attention.